pushing too far

travelYesterday, I boarded a flight from Zurich to JFK airport. On this particular flight, a woman brought her small dog along in its carrier. The flight was not a quiet one. I never saw this dog, but it annoyed pretty much all the passengers, in that it was yapping for almost the entire flight. Being an animal trainer though, this sort of thing doesn’t annoy me as much as the other people on the flight. I began imagining that this particular dog was a puppy and that it really just wanted to be in someone’s lap instead of in a small carrier under the seat.

My imaginings were a lot sweeter than what the reality of the situation was. While in line for passport control, I finally got a look at the dog situation and it horrified me. In fact, it nearly brought me to tears. What started out as a little annoyance on a flight, turned into pushing an animal too far and being cruel.

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beating my obesity – week three

09Last week was somewhat of a disappointment with not losing any weight, but I didn’t gain any either. So all in all, it was all successful. Plus, I know my body is starting to hold onto my fat in response to my fewer calorie intake.

This week brought on a new run with the Couch to 5K podcast. It was 90 seconds of running with 90 seconds of a brisk walk and then 3 minutes of running with 3 minutes of brisk running, each one done twice. Again, the hardest part was the first 90 seconds, but once I get past that, the rest of the run goes smoothly. It is also quite possible that the first 90 seconds is the hardest part because the beginning of my run starts on an incline. I am looking forward to what next week has in store. I hope to be able to keep up with my running while I am in the states. I won’t have the peaceful forest while there. I’m hoping to get a visiting membership at a gym and I’ll probably do my running on a treadmill.

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beating my obesity – week two

09Last week was a definite success in my book. It appears however, that my enthusiasm comes off as naivety. For the most part, everyone congratulated me on my success, interestingly enough, a few men decided to congratulate me and then follow it up with a “but …”. “Hey, great work on your weight loss there, but don’t expect these results every week.” I know they meant well, but was it really necessary? Why shit on someone’s hard work?

Look, I’m not naive to this whole diet, nutrition, weight loss, weight gain, exercise world. I’m really not. I can say I am extremely more enthusiastic about it at this point in time, because I am really serious about losing the 30 lbs I have put on since moving here. But trust me, I know that my results will vary from week to week. Especially as I get closer to my desired weight and the weight will begin to be harder to lose. Oh and yes, I know muscle toning will also mess up my weight loss.

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