Why Vidis Kochtüte works

VK2I think it’s important to start by saying that I have not been asked to write this post or any of my previous or future posts in regards to Vidis Kochtüte. I have not been paid by VK or been giving anything free in response to writing these posts. I write about my experiences with Vidis Kochtüte because I genuinely enjoy the service they provide.

Last week, there was a mishap with their computer system and I consequently missed out on receiving a food delivery for the week. However, VK was kind enough to send me the recipes so that I could go ahead and buy the ingredients myself and cook the meals for the week.

In a way, this gave me the freedom to pick and choose what I wanted to cook and in fact, I opted not to cook one of the meals, mostly because I have made it before and was ok with not eating it again. Some have said that they would prefer the Vidis Kochtüte service work in this way. They pay a small fee to receive the recipes and do the shopping themselves. I’m here to say, don’t mess up a good thing.

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week 13 with Vidis Kochtüte

This week starts the calorie conscious recipes that Vidis Kochtüte now offers. All their recipes are now 550 calories or under per serving. That is a beautiful thing!

Pork schnitzel with balsamic tomatoes and quinoa

If this recipe sounds familiar, it is. I have made this before in week 5 of my Vidis Kochtüte adventures. Having a second go at it means I made improvements in my cooking techniques. It came out even better than the first time. A very delicious meal.


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week 12 with Vidis Kochtüte

Rosemary chicken with rice and streamed carrots

If this dish looks familiar, it should. You may recall I first made this dish, my very first week of joining the Vidis Kochtüte service. Practice does make perfect! I think this dish came out even better than before. This was my husband’s first time trying this dish, since the previous time I made it, he was out of town. Last time, I used a rice cooker to make my rice, but this time I followed the recipe and made the rice on the stove. Everything came out delicious.


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week 11 with Vidis Kochtüte

This week was filled with even more deliciousness than last week! They’re on a roll!

Pigs in a blanket with seasonal side salad

Who doesn’t like an american classic, made at a grander scale? Much different than the american version made as a cocktail appetizer, this was a full meal. I made it for lunch too. The puff pastry was lined with zucchini, cheese and basil, before I rolled my sausages with it. It was a lot easier to make than I anticipated and made for a very filling lunch.


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