beating my obesity – another 6 weeks complete

09Today marked my last day using EA Sports Active More Workouts on my Wii. Last time I wrote about completing a 6 week challenge, it was on the moderate mode. This time, I completed another 6 weeks, but in hard mode. Now that I have completed another 6 week challenge, I am ready to move on to something different!

Tomorrow I will take out my running shoes, make sure the nike+ apps are working properly and restart my couch to 5K podcast.

I’m really proud of myself for completing a 12 week workout plan in my living room. Theeaactive countless times I attempted to do this, I always found an excuse to not put in the effort. Let’s face it, it’s really easy to say screw it and sit on the couch instead. Which I’ve pretty much done all the time. This was my first time completing a full 6 week program and I did it twice!

Now I need to maintain this momentum and complete my couch to 5k program. Last year, I never quite made it to the full 5K. I came very close before I started making excuses for myself and stopped the program. This year, I’m hoping to reach the 5k. I’ll consider it a success if I complete the podcast program.

I don’t know about you, but spring has arrived where I live. The sunshine and cool weather will make putting on those running shoes easier tomorrow morning. The program will have me running 3 times a day and when I do finally reach the 5k mark, on those days I will be putting in a total of 10K. 5k walk with my dog and then 5k running!

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the retractable lead

retractable-cord-dog-leashRegardless if you’re not a dog owner, chances are, you’ve seen retractable leads. It’s hard not to these days. They’re everywhere. If ever a product was designed to tug at dog owner’s heart strings, this is it. The world is full of people who do things for animals because it makes them, the human being, feel better.

Let’s face it, if you own a dog, chances are it needs to be on a lead at all times and if not all times, most of the time. For the people who need to keep their dog on a lead all the time, whether the dog would run away without it, or it’s the law, or the countless of other reasons, the retractable lead appears to be the perfect solution.

Dog owners feel better using a retractable lead because it gives their dog more freedom while being on a lead. However, what makes you feel better, isn’t always better for the dog. We all have our opinions on how a dog should behave on a walk. Some of us feel a dog should be properly heeled beside you at all times, other people let their dog have more freedom. Then there are some people who don’t have well behaved dogs at all, that just charge forward the entire walk.

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Baby? No thanks.

baby1In June, I’ll get to go home and visit Southern California. I’m super excited that I’ll get to spend my birthday there. However, before I get to enjoy the sunshine on my face, the fresh ocean breeze, the tall palm trees, and the company of friends and family, I get to spend 3 days with my sister in law and her new baby in Minnesota.

I get along just fine with my sister in law. She’s a funny and kind person with a TON of personality. But she and I are different people. She’s loud, an extrovert, chaotic, and has a need to make everyone her friend. I’m an introvert, quiet, organized, and I don’t care to make everyone my friend. On top of all that, she’s recently had a baby who will be 4 months old when I see him.

The problem? I don’t like babies. I’m just not a baby person and I realize that makes me different than most women in this world. I have no interest to have a child of my own. I seriously think the mommy gene skipped my species and went to all of the other members of the animal kingdom. I go crazy for all the other baby animals and I love having animals in my life, but my own child, no thanks. I don’t think babies are cute and adorable, or rather, I’m indifferent to them. I view them more as crying and demanding beings. The picture I’ve posted at the top of this post doesn’t make me go “aw a baby!” Put a picture of a piglet there instead, and I’ll squee.

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Why we blog… Semi Charmed Life

Somebody likes me! Many thanks to Elaine for including me and my blogs in her “Why we blog” series. I met Elaine in the blog world by chance. When I was doing my Christmas Advent Calendar, one of her blogposts came up as a “related post” and I included it. She came over for a visit to thank me and we’ve stayed in touch since. 🙂

city of angels

IMG_0386There’s one place I will always call home. Though I grew up in Orange County, I moved to Los Angeles in my early 20s. The City of Angels is my home. It’s hard to explain. There’s just something about LA. Some things you can only understand by living there, others you can catch a glimpse of by visiting. This video by 30 Seconds to Mars is an absolute masterpiece. I urge you to put aside the 10 minutes of your day just to give it a watch and listen.

I can’t watch this video and not have tears appear in my eyes. The part that gets me every time is when the music quiets down and Jared Leto belts out “I am home”. I have visions of stepping out of LAX and playing this song as I walk out into LA. You can’t really explain to someone why a place is held so close to your heart, but it’s all the little things. It’s all the characteristics, the special moments, the things that are only unique to that place. Watching this video will at least give you a closer look into what is “home” for me. Even though I may not have dreams of stardom, I still have dreams. Just like anyone else.

June. June I’ll be able to belt out loud,  “I AM HOME.”

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swissplateTo say it’s been a struggle adjusting to life here would be the understatement of the century. It’s been tough. When we moved here, we were told it was going to be a two year thing and then we would be off to the states again. It wasn’t necessary for me to work, so I never went on a job hunt. We kind of lived our lives in limbo. We had a simple but nice apartment and lived with the bare minimums. Our social life was a bit on the unhealthy side, in that we didn’t have much of one and depended on each other.

Today, and 3 years down the road, some things have changed for the better and others are still a bit of a struggle. We now live in a beautiful and new home and I even have a car  to help me get around at a more timely manner. Let’s face it, public transport in this country is actually awesome, but it can be time consuming having to be on a bus and train schedule. The city I used to live in was very convenient for public transportation and getting to the grocery store and what not, but now I live in a very small village that requires much longer bus rides, especially to get to a main train station. Having the freedom of a car has made life much better. I’m now able to run some errands I wouldn’t normally consider just because of the long bus rides.

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Visiting the Olympic Museum

olympicmuseumI’ve been living in Switzerland for 3 years now and I have not yet visited the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Granted, the Museum had been closed for awhile having renovations and has recently reopened. Today, I got to do something about that!

The Olympic Museum is located in Lausanne, Switzerland because the International Olympic Committee (IOC) moved it there in 1915 due to the country’s neutrality stance during the World War. Prior to that Pierre de Coubertin started his Olympic dream in Paris. Pierre is considered the father of modern Olympic games. He had a dream to reawaken the ancient Greek tradition, but make it more modern and something that the whole world could participate in.

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