beating my obesity – week two

09Last week was a definite success in my book. It appears however, that my enthusiasm comes off as naivety. For the most part, everyone congratulated me on my success, interestingly enough, a few men decided to congratulate me and then follow it up with a “but …”. “Hey, great work on your weight loss there, but don’t expect these results every week.” I know they meant well, but was it really necessary? Why shit on someone’s hard work?

Look, I’m not naive to this whole diet, nutrition, weight loss, weight gain, exercise world. I’m really not. I can say I am extremely more enthusiastic about it at this point in time, because I am really serious about losing the 30 lbs I have put on since moving here. But trust me, I know that my results will vary from week to week. Especially as I get closer to my desired weight and the weight will begin to be harder to lose. Oh and yes, I know muscle toning will also mess up my weight loss.

I don’t only train animals, I care for them too. There is a lot in common between veterinary medicine and human medicine. I know what it’s like to put together a diet and exercise plan for other living beings and I know how easily it can fluctuate. Working with birds and training them for free flight shows, is a very good example as to how easily weight can fluctuate, even when you think you’ve got the right combinations down. I am prepared to have a lot of successes and a few regressions down the road. I know my journey is a long one, but I believe I can make it to my goal eventually.

I have decided to continue with Mean Abs June this month. I’m using the same schedule of increases. Of course, I’m not starting from ground zero, but exactly where I left off and adding to it each day. I am not doing the planks though and have decided to do the push-ups at my own pace and in the proper form.

It’s amazing what a difference 30 seconds can make. I’m talking about my Couch to 5K podcast runs. My first 90 seconds, which is 30 seconds more than I was running last week, was a bit of a challenge, but then I slipped right into it. These runs aren’t as easy as last weeks, but not too hard either. I also have to keep in mind that I am doing a lot of inclines too, since I am trail running through the forest. The first 90 seconds of my run are always the hardest, but once I get past that, the run seems to go a lot smoother.

Today, Sunday, is weigh-in day. I didn’t gain any weight and I didn’t lose any weight. Ok, maybe I gained a little like .2, but I am not worried about that. I am also not worried that I did not lose any weight this week. Sure it can be a bummer, but I know what is happening. I have changed things and my body is reacting. It’s trying to hold onto its reserves as much as possible. I know I have said that I would be happy losing anything, but you know, not gaining anything is good too. At least I haven’t put back on the three pounds I lost not long ago and I also know that 3lbs in one week is a lot. Most would say too much. Let’s see what next week brings.

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3 thoughts on “beating my obesity – week two

  1. I am on a similar journey myself! It’s wonderful to read there are other people out there taking control and moving towards a realistic, obtainable goal. I loved this post as I understand that it is difficult to keep your motivation going when other people feel the need to shit on your parade. When you want to lose a fair amount of weight, the journey is going to be long. Any weight loss is a step in the right direction and weight maintenance is good as well as the weight is not going up! Congratulation on your 3lbs! Keep it up! Its an awesome start! 🙂

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