Vario – the new retractable lead

This morning my dog had her appointment at the groomer. As is typical of most groomers,

old flexi

old flexi

mine has many dog products for purchase. This morning, however, one display really caught my eye. If you’re a dog owner, chances are you own a flexi lead. Most dog owners today love the idea of a retractable lead. I’ve already written about how I feel the retractable lead should not be used by most dog owners, but there are a lot of us out there that are responsible while using this type of lead and we have the appropriate places to walk a dog with one.

Flexi has come out with a new line called Vario and I was thrilled by it. It’s got all these new features that dog owners love to have. The lead itself is interchangeable. You can switch

new flexi

new flexi

out to a two dog lead, an LED lead, the standard lead, or a soft bungee lead. You can also choose to have an LED light system on the actual handle and the handle has been designed so you can adjust its fit to your hand. There is also a compartment you can attach to the leash handle which can be used as poop bag storage or as a treat dispenser.

I’m quite impressed by this new system and my dog’s next grooming appointment is in November. At that time, I believe I will be buying her an early Christmas present.

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