week 10 with Vidis Kochtüte

This was a delicious week! I enjoyed all the recipes, immensely.

Feta puff pastry tarts with a pea side salad

I was really pleased with the way this one came out. Sure, mine came out darker than what was pictured, but it wasn’t burned. Just crispy. The flavors were delicious. I love puff pastry and I love feta cheese. I think this would make a great appetizer for a dinner party. Of course, I would make them in much smaller sizes.


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week 9 with Vidis Kochtüte

I’m back from the states and back to the cooking routine with the help of Vidis Kochtüte

Caesar style kiwi salad

This was an interesting recipe. I love kiwi, so I was quite happy to give this recipe a try. I’ve never made caesar dressing before either and was amazed at how simple it is, though fatty due to all the mayo that went into making it. I was on my own for the majority of the week so a few of these recipes, I had to enjoy on my own. This was one of them. I split the recipe in half for two separate days. I found that the salad was good, but it lacked just a touch of sweetness, which I realize the kiwi was supposed to bring to the dish. Perhaps I should have let them ripen a bit more and they would have been sweeter. The first time I made this salad, I made the pumpernickel croutons they suggested in this recipe. The second time though, I used my own garlic/onion croutons and preferred that a little more. All in all though, a great summer salad.



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