Hello and welcome!

My name is Sylvie Charment. I am a happily married woman in her 30s. Born and raised in California, by 2009, my life began to change. I married my husband and by 2010, we were moved and living in upstate NY. With the new 2011 year, we suddenly found ourselves living in the German regions of Switzerland within the canton of Aargau to be precise.

It has not been an easy change for me. Though I am Swiss by blood (I am the only one in my family born American), I do not speak Swiss German. I am currently unable to work and do what I love and must first set down my roots here and learn the language, one day at a time.

This blog will be my journey through this semi-charmed life of mine. I’ll share my travels. I’ll share what it’s like living in this country. I’ll share with you my love and knowledge of animals. Oh! Did I forget to mention my career is centered around the care, management and training of all animals? Both domesticated and exotic? I’ll most likely share my past experiences of working with animals and my opinions and thoughts on many things animal behavior related.

This blog is not intended to be about one subject only and hopefully will cover many different subjects. Get ready for a few opinion posts driven by the drivel my conservative friends send my way.

Basic things about Sylvie:

  • Woman in her 30s
  • married
  • house wife
  • pet owner of one dog and one ferret
  • exotic animal trainer
  • blogger by hobby
  • lives in Aargau Switzerland
  • loves to travel
  • loves to visit zoos and aquariums
  • passionate about animals (but not in that crazy PETA sort of way)
  • open minded
  • free spirited
  • living life to the fullest as best as one can

If you’d like to contact me privately, I can be reached at SCharment at gmail dot com.


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