Hello and welcome

My name is Sylvie Charment and I will be your blog host. Welcome to my new digs. A few things to get you started. My “about” page is here, but I’ll go ahead and talk a little about myself and what I hope this blog will be.

I am a happily married woman in her 30s. I have lived most my life in America, however, I now find myself living in the German regions of Switzerland. Though I am Swiss by blood, (I am the only person in my family born in the USA) I do not speak any German. I do speak French however, which does me .5% good here in this region.

I am the proud owner of a dog and a ferret. I am a passionate animal lover and have dedicated my life to a career working with animals. Unfortunately, when I lost my wonderful job back in 2009 due to the fall of the US economy, I was unable to find another one. Today I am not working mostly because of a language barrier I hope to fix soon.

This blog will be a journal of thoughts. I’ll share my experiences of living in this country (now two years into it). I’ll share things such as working with animals and analyzing behavior. I’ll share about my travels and post some wonderful pictures. I’ll hopefully delight you with my pet stories. I’ll even have a chance to write many an opinion post, a lot from the ridiculous things my conservative friends back in the states float my way.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy my semi-charmed life.



Share your thoughts!

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