the retractable lead

retractable-cord-dog-leashRegardless if you’re not a dog owner, chances are, you’ve seen retractable leads. It’s hard not to these days. They’re everywhere. If ever a product was designed to tug at dog owner’s heart strings, this is it. The world is full of people who do things for animals because it makes them, the human being, feel better.

Let’s face it, if you own a dog, chances are it needs to be on a lead at all times and if not all times, most of the time. For the people who need to keep their dog on a lead all the time, whether the dog would run away without it, or it’s the law, or the countless of other reasons, the retractable lead appears to be the perfect solution.

Dog owners feel better using a retractable lead because it gives their dog more freedom while being on a lead. However, what makes you feel better, isn’t always better for the dog. We all have our opinions on how a dog should behave on a walk. Some of us feel a dog should be properly heeled beside you at all times, other people let their dog have more freedom. Then there are some people who don’t have well behaved dogs at all, that just charge forward the entire walk.

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