Why Vidis Kochtüte works

VK2I think it’s important to start by saying that I have not been asked to write this post or any of my previous or future posts in regards to Vidis Kochtüte. I have not been paid by VK or been giving anything free in response to writing these posts. I write about my experiences with Vidis Kochtüte because I genuinely enjoy the service they provide.

Last week, there was a mishap with their computer system and I consequently missed out on receiving a food delivery for the week. However, VK was kind enough to send me the recipes so that I could go ahead and buy the ingredients myself and cook the meals for the week.

In a way, this gave me the freedom to pick and choose what I wanted to cook and in fact, I opted not to cook one of the meals, mostly because I have made it before and was ok with not eating it again. Some have said that they would prefer the Vidis Kochtüte service work in this way. They pay a small fee to receive the recipes and do the shopping themselves. I’m here to say, don’t mess up a good thing.

This week of having to shop for myself proved to be more work and a challenge than I expected. For some, especially those who live on a “big” city like Zurich, maybe doing the shopping themselves is no big deal. I, however, live in a small village with no daily morning farmer’s market and no large grocery stores. I have to drive to another city to get any shopping down. It’s not that big of a deal, I don’t have to drive too far, but it is something that takes time out of my day. To be honest, I found most of the ingredients I needed for the recipes in one place, however, there were two ingredients out of my recipes that I simply could not find. Those ingredients were shiitake mushrooms and chinese cabbage.

After asking VK where they found these ingredients, they told me they found them in the standard grocery store in Zurich. This was simply not the case. I went to 5 different grocery stores, in 3 different cities and 2 different Asian stores in 2 different cities. It took me two days to find what I was looking for. My first day of driving around proved unfruitful. my second day was more successful as I found what I needed at an Asian store.

The other problem was, when doing a google search for “chinese cabbage”, what comes up is pak choi, also known as bak choy, also known as chinese cabbage. This is in fact what I purchased for the recipe, however, two days later, after a random stop in yet another grocery store, I found what the swiss call “chinese cabbage” and it’s not what I purchased. I will say though that the pak choi I purchased worked out beautifully and possibly better for the recipe anyways.

So here’s what I learned after a week of having to shop for myself instead of having Vidis Kochtüte handle it for me. When I compare my shopping bill to how much I pay VK for their service, it’s almost the same amount. The advantage however, is that VK gives me exactly what I need and not more. I’ve got nearly a whole package of bulgur, several red onions, shallots, pak choi, and herbs leftover from the shopping I did. With VK, I’d have no leftovers. I would have been given the exact amount of chinese cabbage, bulgur, herbs, shallots, red onion, etc. With VK, I would have not had to run around to many different stores in order to find all the ingredients. It took time from my day and fuel for my car to get around looking for these ingredients.

The front page of the Vidis Kochtüte webpage says that my advantages for using their service are:

  • time savings
  • healthy and balanced nutrition
  • unusual and varied recipes
  • improvement of cooking skills
  • support regional suppliers
  • no food waste

After having this week of shopping for myself, I can appreciate this service so much more. I was not a cook before I started this service 14 weeks ago. Today, I’m getting much better and more efficient with my cooking. I’m eating healthier as well. I’m certainly getting a lot more vegetables into my body. One of the reasons I started with VK, was that I was bored with what we were eating. We would make the same things to eat week after week and now we have a lot more variety in our meals and some things have been so different! Vidis Kochtüte certainly does save me time and money!

If you’d like to give Vidis Kochtüte a try, use coupon code SCHARMENT for a discount on your first order.

Oh and here were my meals from last week:



Roast potatoes with pork charbonnade

I actually forgot to take a pic of the finished product this time around, however this is a dish I’ve made before during week 3 of using VK.



Paprika bulgur stew with feta

This was a dish that originally appeared in week 2 of my VK experience. Back then, I felt that I didn’t cook it correctly as it came out more dry than an actual stew. This time around though, it had a lot more liquid to it.


Thai beef salad with mango and shiitake mushrooms

This was the dish I was most excited to make and it was delicious!!! The mix of beef, mushrooms and mango were absolutely perfect. This is a dish I would make again for sure!


Wok vegetables with glass noodles 

This was the dish that had me do the most running around and searching for ingredients. I was pleased that it was worth the running around. This dish had the pak choi and shiitake mushrooms in it. It was quite good.


Lentil curry with apricots and naan bread

This was the dish I opted not to make last week, but it was made previously during week 4.

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1 thought on “Why Vidis Kochtüte works

  1. I have learned that we have this same service over here. I will keep it in the back of my mind to one day try it too, because the idea of getting groceries and recipes delivered really appeals to me 🙂

    Marie xox

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