week 13 with Vidis Kochtüte

This week starts the calorie conscious recipes that Vidis Kochtüte now offers. All their recipes are now 550 calories or under per serving. That is a beautiful thing!

Pork schnitzel with balsamic tomatoes and quinoa

If this recipe sounds familiar, it is. I have made this before in week 5 of my Vidis Kochtüte adventures. Having a second go at it means I made improvements in my cooking techniques. It came out even better than the first time. A very delicious meal.


Nicoise salad with smoked trout and green asparagus 

This dish was first made during week 2. It’s still just as wonderful as the last time I made it. I still need to recreate this dish, but using smoked salmon instead of trout. This made for a wonderful summertime lunch as we’ve been having very warm weather here lately.


Rice noodles with egg and shiitake mushrooms

This dish originally appeared during week 1 of my Vidis Kochtüte experience. I was really happy to revisit this recipe. My husband was out of town the week I originally made it and he quite enjoyed it this time around, as did I. I still stand that I don’t like mushrooms, but I do love shiitake mushrooms! I think they taste more meaty than earthy.


coconut soup with sweet potatoes

Again, a dish originally made during my first week with Vidis Kochtüte. It’s not exactly soup season here, so I added a little something to change it up a bit. I also cooked some Jasmine rice and we added it to the soup (not pictured). It made it a more filling meal and quite delicious. I realize that adding the rice gave it more calories, but no mind, no matter. 🙂 I also noticed I probably used too much vegetable broth as my soup came out more brown than white. lol. Still good though!




Quark spinach pancakes with pepper salad

I had never heard of quark before the first time I used it in this recipe back in week 5. It was a recipe I enjoyed right at the first taste and still think it makes for a good breakfast. I think this time around though, my pancakes were a little on the well done side, but they were still delicious. I just wish theres was more to eat! (only because they are so good).


If you’d like to try Vidis Kochtüte, use coupon code SCHARMENT and get a discount on your first order. Don’t forget that all recipes are now calorie conscious and can also be offered as vegetarian or gluten free!

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