week 12 with Vidis Kochtüte

Rosemary chicken with rice and streamed carrots

If this dish looks familiar, it should. You may recall I first made this dish, my very first week of joining the Vidis Kochtüte service. Practice does make perfect! I think this dish came out even better than before. This was my husband’s first time trying this dish, since the previous time I made it, he was out of town. Last time, I used a rice cooker to make my rice, but this time I followed the recipe and made the rice on the stove. Everything came out delicious.


Asian vegetables with glass noodles

Once again, this is a familiar dish. I first made this recipe on week 4 of using Vidis Kochtüte. Last time, I had a problem with leaving the glass noodles too long and stringy. This time around, I took a pair of scissors to them. It was much easier to eat since the noodles weren’t as long. I think the one thing I would change is the amount of peas in it. There were both snow peas and canned peas in this dish, but it’s a bit overload.



Pasta with ham and broccoli 

My husband and I both love this dish and were happy to have it on repeat once more. The first time I cooked this dish was week 2 of using Vidis Kochtüte. It’s so easy to make and so delicious! This is one of those dishes I would definitely make on my own in the future. I love the mix of ham, cheese and pasta. The pine nuts give it a great crunch. Definitely a favorite dish of the Vidis Kochtüte experience!


Couscous salad with dried fruits and almonds

The first time I made this dish was week 2 of my Vidis Kochtüte experience. The first time I made this I noticed that it was a little too much on the sweet side. This time around, I used less of the dried fruits to cut back on the sweetness. We also paired it with some seasoned lamb skewers. On its own, this salad isn’t very filling as a dinner, so that’s why we paired it with some grilled seasoned lamb. It was a good choice. We ended up putting the seasoned meat bits into the salad. Made for a great mix and was delicious!


Zucchini soup with crispy baguette

Admittedly, I never got around to making this soup. Soup is something I don’t think to enjoy during the summer months, even if we’ve been having a rainy one here. My husband and I were never in the mood for soup, so we didn’t’ get around to making it. However, this dish was originally made during week 5 and you can read all about it there. Picture below is also from week 5.


So concludes a week of “repeats” with Vidis Kochtüte. It was fun to revisit some old recipes and even better getting to see the improvements I’ve made from the last time. If you’d like to give Vidis Kochtüte a try, use coupon code SCHARMENT to get a discount on your first order. Don’t forget they offer vegetarian and gluten free recipes and now they are all calorie conscious!

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