week 9 with Vidis Kochtüte

I’m back from the states and back to the cooking routine with the help of Vidis Kochtüte

Caesar style kiwi salad

This was an interesting recipe. I love kiwi, so I was quite happy to give this recipe a try. I’ve never made caesar dressing before either and was amazed at how simple it is, though fatty due to all the mayo that went into making it. I was on my own for the majority of the week so a few of these recipes, I had to enjoy on my own. This was one of them. I split the recipe in half for two separate days. I found that the salad was good, but it lacked just a touch of sweetness, which I realize the kiwi was supposed to bring to the dish. Perhaps I should have let them ripen a bit more and they would have been sweeter. The first time I made this salad, I made the pumpernickel croutons they suggested in this recipe. The second time though, I used my own garlic/onion croutons and preferred that a little more. All in all though, a great summer salad.




Beef Steak with sage butter, polenta, and baby carrots 

This was somewhat of a disaster for me. Now let me explain. I prepared the sage butter as they suggested, but it didn’t come out very well. The flavors were there and it was delicious, but the texture was all wrong. I think this was because my butter was not cold to start with. So by the time I finished blending the butter and sage leaves, it did not form a nice paste, but rather closer to a sauce. I royally messed up the polenta. I’ve never made it before so when it came time to add the polenta to the boiling milk and let simmer, I made the huge mistake of stirring my polenta right after adding it to the milk. How did I know this was a mistake? Well, the polenta immediately sucked in all the milk and so there was nothing left to simmer. I somewhat fixed that by adding more milk and water and letting it simmer. In the end though, my polenta did not come out perfect, however, the parts that weren’t all clumpy were quite good and I definitely want a second chance at making polenta. The steak however was not the disaster of the dish. That actually came out quite good. I was surprised too because after an initial sear, the steak went into the oven to finish cooking. Being an American, I never cooked steak in an oven, but this was quite good. It was very juicy. At least I didn’t mess up the entire dish. I was so wrapped up with my belief that I ruined the polenta and the dish, that I forgot to take a picture of my attempt. So you just have a lovely picture of the original recipe image.


Fish n Chips

I was really excited to make this dish. I love fish n chips! I was so pleased and proud of myself too when it was all done. It came out perfectly! The fish was nice and flaky on the inside and adequately breaded on the outside. What I was really proud of was the “chip” portion of the dish. They came out perfect. All in all, a delicious recipe that I’ll most likely make again!


Carrot stew with Chinese noodles 

This was perhaps the simplest of recipes I’ve made thus far. Not many ingredients and very simple to make. I may have done something wrong during the cooking process because when it was done, it didn’t look anything like a stew. Most of the liquid had been evaporated until I added the cream portion of the recipe. So, this dish went from being a stew, to being a lightly sauced noodle dish. It was still good nonetheless and I enjoyed it. The portions were kind of small, however, having said that, it was of an adequate size for me. It was my husband who had a little something extra to eat after finishing his dish.


Spiced rice with fried baby bananas

Who doesn’t love fried baby bananas?!? I love em! This was a dish that I had while on my own, so it became dinner for me two nights in a row. I liked the flavors of the rice. The cashews and raisins added a nice touch. However, I am not a fan of radishes and I can confirm, this includes radish sprouts as well. They have a strong odor and I find them bitter in taste. I just don’t like radishes very much, but I gave them a try in this dish. I think if I were to make this again, I would remove the radish sprouts and just let the spices of the spiced rice, shine on their own.



It was another great week using Vidis Kochtüte. If you live in Switzerland and would like to give them a try, use coupon code SCHARMENT for a discount on your first order. I am also pleased to say that they now offer gluten free menus!

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One thought on “week 9 with Vidis Kochtüte

  1. Oops, I don’t like baby friend bananas, but I do love steak! And spiced rice. And fish and chips. I think it’s so cool that you keep on cooking and don’t lose interest because something went wrong 🙂

    Rebel xox

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