week 8 with Vidis Kochtüte

Here is week 8 of using Vidis Kochtüte!


Lemon chicken with tomato avocado sauce

This was a great summer style dinner. The lemon flavor makes it very refreshing, as well as the fresh, cold and raw veggies that create the salsa it is served on. I admit to not eating the avocado, myself since I got sick the last time I ate avocado, but my husband did eat his share of the avocado. I prefer my zucchini to be cooked, but it worked raw in this dish.




Asparagus frittata with chives

I have never made a frittata before. This was very simple and easy to make. I ran into the small problem that the very top and center of the frittata didn’t fully cook, it was still a little moist, but I solved this by my husband’s suggestion of just popping it all in the oven under the broiler setting for just a few minutes. That did the trick. I was quite thrilled that I was able to slide the frittata from the pan in one piece! I thought for sure I’d mess it all up. It was delicious and if I were to add anything to it, it would be some onion.




Rice noodle risotto with tomatoes

I’ve never made a risotto before, well, not the proper way at least. Last time I made a risotto, it was one you baked in the oven. This one I had to prepare the usual way of babysitting it on the stove, adding the prepared bouillon a little bit at a time while stirring. I was afraid I would mess it up. I didn’t! The texture came out perfect and the meal was really good. I suppose it wasn’t as “soupy” as the photo suggests, but it wasn’t dry either. I was pleased I accomplished this dish.




Spaghetti with arugula pesto, roasted pine nuts and parmesan

A good, hearty meal. This was a great tasting pesto. I loved the pine nuts in it. I felt maybe something could have been added to it. Maybe some black olives? There was also quite a bit of oil to it. If I ever make it again, I’d use less oil.



Thai fish curry with rice noodles

This was a really good lunch. Great flavors and easy to make. If anything, I would have put even more red curry paste in it 😉 I like things spicy!


If you’re in Switzerland and would love to give Vidis Kochtüte a try, use coupon code SCHARMENT for a discount on your first order!

I’m leaving for the states this week, so I’ll be taking a break from cooking till I get back in June. See you then!

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One thought on “week 8 with Vidis Kochtüte

  1. Another week of good food. Every time I look at these posts, even when I just had dinner, there’s always something in there that makes me feel hungry 🙂

    Rebel xox

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