week 7 with Vidis Kochtüte

My seventh week using Vidis Kochtüte


Potato dumplings with berries

This was certainly an interesting dish. One I would have never thought of making myself. It was a combination of plain yogurt, potato dumplings, strawberries and raspberries. It was like having a large dessert but with a touch of dinner in it. Odd, yet it worked. It was almost a light and refreshing summer meal, except the dumplings made it a bit heavier. The strawberries that were included in my ingredient bag were DELICIOUS! They were so sweet! I could have made a meal just eating those strawberries! dumpling1 WEDNESDAY

Chicken Drumsticks in chili marinade with lukewarm celery salad

Another great summer inspired dish. Celery has a lot of flavor here in Switzerland. Not something I can say about celery in the states. This was a delicious dinner and now thinking about it, I think it could have been improved with bean sprouts. drumstick1 THURSDAY

Indian minced meat stew with sweet potatoes and naan bread

I made this dish for lunch and what a hearty and delicious lunch it was! I enjoyed all the great flavors of this dish. I also had a great idea that feta cheese would taste good with this dish, so I sprinkled some on top. I was right! Definitely a recipe going in our, “to make again” pile. mincedstew1-001   FRIDAY

Beetroot tomato salad

This was a challenging dish for me. I don’t like beets at all. Something about that earthy taste. It’s the same reason I don’t care for mushrooms much either. But that’s the thing about this service Vidis Kochtüte provides, I give everything a try. Even though I can confirm I still don’t like beets, I found the salad in general delicious. The dressing the recipe had me made was quite good and if I could substitute the beets with something else (not sure what) I’d really enjoy making it again. I’d eat it as more as a side salad though and I had a thought that falafel would go quite well with it.




Tagliatelle with walnut pesto

This was a delicious Sunday lunch. I’ve never made a pesto before and certainly not one made with walnuts. It was fairly simple and delicious. As I was eating this dish, I began thinking it could use another ingredient. Something was missing. Maybe some black olives? Maybe just a touch of sun dried tomatoes? I ended up putting some… now don’t laugh… tabasco on it. Gave it a good touch of spice.


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