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kpct-logoIt’s time I recommend a site that is filled with great reading and resources. Anyone who has heard of positive reinforcement training, should know who Karen Pryor is. Karen’s career started years ago working at Sea Life Park in Hawaii. She used positive reinforcement techniques with the marine mammals there. She was one of the first people to make the move to expand this concept to other species, including dogs.

One of the first books I was told to buy when I entered the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program was Karen Pryor’s Don’t Shoot The Dog. Seriously, it’s a great read regardless if you work with dogs or other animals and it’s even a great insight for working with people.

Karen has since expanded herself and created a site called I urge all of you with dogs (or any animal you wish to use positive reinforcement training with) to visit this site and give it a good look.

The blog section is full of useful information when working with your dog. I recommend adding the blog section to your “reader”.

The site also has a store where you could buy many different books that have to do with various stages of training. It also has a lot of training tools for you to buy.

There is even a video page.

There’s also something called the ClickerExpo. This is an expo dedicated to spreading the word of positive reinforcement training. Though these are heavily geared towards dogs, it doesn’t matter much. The concepts hold true for all species of animals. I’ve been to 4 ClickerExpos and I am not a dog trainer. They were still informative and inspiring. I have noticed that the ClickerExpo (based in the US) has crossed the pond and is now in the UK. Sadly, the Expo is fully booked! I’m on the waiting list, in the hopes someone cancels their booking.

I really hope that by sharing this site, I have shared some useful information to other people. Happy reading!

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