week 6 with Vidis Kochtüte

Week 6 using the service of Vidis Kochtüte


Crunchy salad with chicken and mozzarella 

Perfect for lunch. There is no doubt that these ingredients are fresh and organic. I never had a doubt, but as I was washing the lettuce, there was a little caterpillar hiding in there! Good thing I washed that lettuce prior to preparing it for lunch! The chicken came out very juicy and delicious. It was pan cooked for just a few minutes before going into the oven to finish it off. A very simply salad that actually used a lot of ingredients, including 4 different herbs and a mix of seeds for a topping. I really enjoyed this lunch and it was a good sized portion.



Penne with broccoli and ricotta

This was a good, hearty dinner. The sun dried tomato gave it a nice sweet touch. I think it could have used more of a sauce though. The ricotta was a good flavor, but I think converting it more into a sauce would have been a little better. The dish was a little dry.



Grilled whole wheat quesadillas

Generally, if I’m eating tortillas, it’s going to be the flour kind. This dish was made to be healthier though, and well, I can certainly use more of that in my life. The feeling was a mix of sour cream and gruyere cheese. Yeah, not something you would normally associate with a quesadilla, well, the gruyere cheese that is. To be honest, the mix of sour cream and gruyere smelled terrible together and I say these as someone who really does love gruyere cheese. I was afraid this dish would not be very good since it smelled so awful, but I was wrong! This tasted very good and it was a a great, healthier alternative to the quesadillas I would normally eat. (If only I can find such a thing here in Switzerland).



Vegetable couscous with cranberries and nuts

A great meal for lunch. I liked the textures that the carrots and nuts provided. The cranberries were a perfect sweet touch. The dish was also garnished with fresh mint leaves and it was perfect. There was also curry powder and cinnamon added as flavors. All in all, a good dish to eat at lunch time.




There was supposed to be a 5th meal of crunchy herbed fish and a lentil and potato mash. Unfortunately I waited too long to make it and the fish was a little questionable. We weren’t 100% certain it was ok to consume, so we opted to be a little on the safe side and not consume it. It was completely my fault. I should have put the fish in the freezer until we were ready to make it, but instead I just kept saying, “oh we’ll make it tomorrow.” Well tomorrow was a day too late it seems. Again, my fault for not preserving the fish better.

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