week 5 with Vidis Kochtüte

Here goes, week 5 using Vidis Kochtüte !


Pork Schnitzel with balsamic tomatoes and quinoa

This was a great meal for dinner. Very filling. Very easy to make. The pork came out juicy and delicious. There was both dried and fresh cherry tomatoes that gave a great burst of flavor to the entire dish. I think that nice sweetness that dried tomatoes have, gave this dish a great burst of flavor. I’ve never cooked quinoa before, but I think I got it right.




Chicken Kebab with yogurt garlic sauce

I LOVE kebab. I was really excited to try out this dish. Instead of making proper pita sandwiches, we made more of a plate with the chicken and veggies and the pita was more of a side bread than a sandwich. It’s just so difficult getting much stuffed into a pita pocket. The flavors were great. Everything came out well. The only problem … I forgot to use the lettuce! Oh well. It was still just as delicious without the lettuce. To be honest, the lettuce was the least important of all the major ingredients anyways.



Quark spinach “pancakes” with bell pepper salad

I’m not sure if these qualify as “pancakes” but it was the closest translation I could come up with. These were absolutely DELICIOUS! I loved them! The combination of quark, parmesan and spinach was perfect. I loved them so much, I want to make them again and soon! I thought they could also make a pretty good breakfast item. I’d most likely add a bit of bacon to turn it into a breakfast dish. Loved, loved, loved this dish!



Tabbouleh with radicchio and smoked tofu 

Traditionally tabbouleh is made with bulgur, but it can also be made with couscous, which this dish definitely was. I think I messed it up a bit by not following the directions very well. I had far too much radicchio in this dish, but I think it was because I wasn’t careful at making sure it was mostly the leaves going into the dish and not also the stems. I suppose I was being lazy. The dish was definitely good though. The smoked tofu was perfect and the grapes gave it a good touch.




Zucchini soup with crispy baguette

This was a good soup. It helped that zucchini wasn’t the only ingredient. There was also onion, garlic and potato in it. A very good soup to have when the weather outside is cold and you want to be warm and comforted inside. Of course, we thought bacon would be a good improvement to the soup. Must have been the potato that woke that urge. 😉



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