Y is for Yellow Eyed Penguin

YI love penguins and actually didn’t know about the yellow eyed penguin. This could be because this is the only penguin found north of the Antarctic Ocean. The yellow eyed penguin is found in New Zealand, Australia and neighboring islands. Like all penguins, it is carnivorous on a diet of marine animals. On average they breed once a year, forming pairs that usually remain faithful. Usually two eggs are laid with both parents rotating to take care of them and the chicks.

Today, the yellow eyed penguin is listed as endangered, with an estimated wild population at just 4,000. It is now the rarest penguin in the world due to deforestation (where they lay their eggs) and introduction of mammalian predators (cats, dogs, foxes, weasels, and rats).


Yellow Eyed Penguin

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2 thoughts on “Y is for Yellow Eyed Penguin

  1. There was a show on British television recently about penguins, and there was a colony in Chile/Peru that my wife loved!: -)

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