week 4 with Vidis Koctüte

My 4th week using Vidis Kochtüte !


Salmon fillet on Chinese cabbage with caper sauce

salmon1This is the first time I have ever cooked salmon. I am happy to say, I didn’t mess it up! It was a very simply recipe to follow and I got the salmon cooked just right. I got everything cooked and plated and then looked at an item left on my counter. Oh darn! I forgot to add the sour half cream! I’m sure it would have made the dish taste even better, however, the dish still tasted great without the added half cream! Phew! I felt that the dish could have done with just a little more “salad”. I had more salmon than salad and I really enjoyed eating the two together instead of separately.


Minced meat stew with zucchini and feta

mincedstew1This meal was perfect for dinner. A hearty portion of food. Unlike lunch, I didn’t accidentally miss an ingredient. I don’t have much more to say than this was delicious and a great choice for a dinner meal.





Lentil curry with apricots and naan bread

lentil1This was a good sized meal for lunch. I have never cooked lentils before, so I have no idea what consistency they should be when cooked correctly. I can say that I enjoyed eating them, so I couldn’t have gotten it that wrong. The apricots were a very good touch and so was the dollop of yogurt.





Oven risotto with mushrooms, white asparagus, and parmesan.

risotto1So here we have it. I’m not a cook and here I am making my first risotto. I was intrigued as it is a risotto you cook by putting it into the oven instead of gently stirring over the stove. I’m not a fan of mushrooms, but this was a risotto I could eat regardless of it being heavy on the mushrooms and it really was heavy on the mushrooms. If you’re a fan of all kinds of mushrooms, this is the recipe for you! All ovens are different and though the recipe said to bake the risotto in the oven for 25 min, it required 30 in my own oven. All in all, this recipe came out exactly as it said it would.




Asian vegetables with glass noodles

glassnoodles1I’m undecided how I feel about this meal. It was a good sized portion. I managed to cook it just fine. There was a good spicy kick to it. I suppose what I ran into was that the glass noodles were so stringy and never ending. I probably should have sliced them up a little prior to adding them to the dish. It was hard to scoop up the veggies AND noodles at the same time. I think more of a sauce too would have improved the dish just a little.


glassnoodles2Well, that’s it for another week using Vidis Kochtüte. I’m still enjoying it and I am looking forward to next week’s line up of recipes! So see you again next week! If you live in Switzerland and want to give Vidis Kochtüte a try, here is a code that will give you a discount! Just use SCHARMENT.

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