U is for Uakari

UWhen perusing the U terms in my animal training books, there weren’t any that we haven’t already covered in previous posts, so once again, I will introduce you to an animal. This one is a monkey called the Uakari. It has a very interesting look to it.

“The Uakari is a small species of monkey, native to the tropical rainforests of South America, where they tend to be found in moist jungle that is close to water. The Uakari is most well-known for it’s naked face which most commonly ranges from pink to deep red in colour. There are four distinct species of Uakari, which are the Red (Bald) Uakari, the Black-Headed Uakari, the Ayres Black Uakari and the Neblina Uakari, all of which are very similar in appearance but differ somewhat in fur colour and location. The name Uakari is actually pronounced “wakari”, with both this monkey’s common name and it’s scientific name thought to have derived from indigenous languages.”


Unlike a lot of species of monkeys in the jungle, the Uakari has a very short tail in relation bald-uakari_img01-lto its body. It is an omnivore, eating meat, fruits and vegetables. Humans are its biggest threat, however it also has natural predators in large birds of prey, snakes and other monkeys. Living in the rainforest means it is at risk of habitat loss.

What I find fascinating is that no one knows exactly why this uakari1particular species of monkey has a bald and brightly colored face. No one can pin point it. There are theories that it is an aid for mating and distinguishing individuals. They do know that when a Uakari is ill, the colors of its face change from being bright, to much paler.

*Information gathered from this site and images found on the internet.

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This post is part of the A to Z Challenge.


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