week 3 with Vidis Kochtüte

Continuing my cooking adventures with Vidis Kochtüte!


Pita pockets with kidney beans

pita1This was a really good lunch time meal. Very easy to make. No actual cooking required. Just some cold preparations and putting the pita pockets into the oven to warm them up a bit. If I were to make this meal again, I would add some black olives to it. The recipe called for just 4 pita pockets split between 2 people. I think it should have actually had 6 pitas total. We had leftovers for two more pita pockets, we improvised and used some homemade sourdough bread instead and made a small sandwich with the leftovers.


Vidis Sausage Stew

vidisstew1Had this meal for dinner. My version came out much “saucier” than the picture on the recipe and I see cherry tomatoes in the picture but my tomatoes where from canned peeled tomatoes. It was still very tasty. I had some left over feta cheese and decided that would be great to sprinkle on top of the stew and I was right. Gave it some extra flavor.




Sweet rice salad with coconut dressing and exotic fruits

sweetrice1This was definitely a dish I’ve never had. Simply rice with fruit and a coconut dressing. When I took my first bite, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but then the more I ate, the more it grew on me and I began to really enjoy it. I found the cranberries were essential to the dish. As we ate, my husband made a suggestion. He said, “Now don’t laugh, but I really think this dish could use some bacon.” I had to agree! I was picturing some bacon bits, fried to a crisp and then sprinkled on top. The salt from the bacon would break through all the sweetness, plus the crispy bits would add a different texture. The dish as a whole is very soft, the crispy bacon would have given it a bit of crisp. Oh and the recipe called for peeling the zest off of a lime. However, the zest was never mentioned again so I have no idea when I should have used it. The lime juice was definitely used though. I think the zest was supposed to be a garnish. I found the dish didn’t need the added zest. So, no loss there.



Roast potatoes with pork charbonnade

pork1This was a great dish for dinner. Came out quite delicious! I just wish the portions were slightly larger. The pumpkin seeds were an interesting garnish, but it was good. Now that I am doing the cooking, I’m trying to expand my ability. Now when I make these meals, I quickly think of what could be missing or what could make it better. I dabbled a bit of Chipotle Tabasco sauce on this dish, primarily on the potatoes, and it really added a nice kick to it.




Tomato soup with avocado and herb baguette

tomatosoup1This was a recipe that we decided to do our own thing with. I followed the directions for the tomato soup, except, because my husband and I aren’t fans of avocado (and I got sick from eating avocado last time) we excluded using the avocado. Also, the recipe was to make our own seasoned baguette. Instead, my husband and I made it more americanized by making homemade grilled cheese on sourdough sandwiches, using cheddar cheese. The perfect combo!


And so concludes week 3 of using the Vidis Kochtüte service. We are still enjoying it so much, that you can look forward to a week 4!

If you live in Switzerland and are interested in giving Vidis Kochtüte a try, use coupon code SCHARMENT for a discount on your order!

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5 thoughts on “week 3 with Vidis Kochtüte

  1. It’s great reading about this cooking adventure of yours. With the sweet rice dish I would definitely have wanted meat with it. And the potato dish and the sausage one both look delicious!

    Rebel xox

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