Q is for Quoll

QQ is also for query. As I was digging through my animal training notes and books, I couldn’t come up with a term that started with the letter Q. So, I decided to ask the internet a Question… What animal starts with the letter Q? A simple list came up of four animals, Quail, Quetzal, Quokka, Quoll. The first two are birds, the second two are marsupials. I have never actually heard of a Quoll before, so lets learn about it together?

“There are six different species of quoll, found across Papua New guinea and Australia. The Bronze quoll and the New Guinean quoll are natively found on the tropical island of Papua New Guinea. The Western quoll, the Northern quoll and the Tiger quoll are all natively found on the Australian mainland. Although the Eastern quoll was originally found on the Australian mainland, they are more commonly found on the island Tasmania.”

The Quoll is a medium sized, nocturnal, marsupial. Being nocturnal means it is most active during the night. Unlike a lot of nocturnal animals, however, the quoll enjoys soaking up the sunshine during the day, instead of hiding underground. Being a marsupial means that it gives birth to live babies, that then finish the gestation period in a pouch.

The quoll is omnivorous, meaning it eats both meat and vegetation, but its diet consists mostly of meat. It is considered the largest of the predatory marsupials and thus, humans are its main predator, though large snakes and crocodiles pose a threat as well. Reading wikipedia has alerted me to the cane toad being a threat to the Northern Quoll. They were not part of the natural wildlife and are poisonous if consumed by the Northern Quoll. The Quoll is often referred to as a native cat, due to its cat like features. It is however, not at all related to a feline, other than being a mammal.

Tiger Quoll

Tiger Quoll

*information gathered from this site.*

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge


15 thoughts on “Q is for Quoll

  1. As much as I love cute, furry animals, I had never heard of a Quokka or a Quoll before today. A previous blog I visited featured the Quokka and now you’ve highlighted the Quoll. I love learning things through the A to Z challenge, and I’m so glad to have two more adorable animals to add to my “I want to hug” list!

    Hope you’re having fun with the A to Z challenge,

  2. Very cool. I’d never heard of the quoll before either. Thank you sharing what you’ve learned. 🙂

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