week 2 with Vidis Kochtüte

I enjoyed my last adventure with Vidis Kochtüte so much, I wanted to try another week. This time however, I don’t have to enjoy it all on my own. My husband is back home again.


Paprika Bulgur stew with feta

bulgar1This is a great example of another dish I’ve never thought to make. To be honest, I’ve never had bulgur. Neither one of us has cooked with it before. After having tried it, I can see it being the vegetarian substitute for ground beef. As I was eating my dish, I could see it between two hamburger buns with some sloppy joe seasoning. The feta cheese really pulled this dish together. I don’t know if I reduced the dish too much. It wasn’t much of a stew when I served it. Quite drier than what I would consider a stew, but then when I look at the photo on the recipe, it doesn’t look like it should be full of sauce. So, I think I made it perfectly.




Couscous salad with dried fruits and almonds

coucous1This is yet another great example of a meal I’ve never thought to cook before. I’ve never made a proper meal out of couscous. This was very simple to make. I don’t normally enjoy figs, but I gave them a try for this meal. This meal was very feeling, but I believe that had to do with it being sweet. The black olives made for a good break in the sweetness. I think if I were to make this dish again, I would use less dried fruit and more black olives to balance out the sweetness. Even the dressing had honey in it for even more added sweetness. It was certainly a good meal to have for lunch, instead of dinner.




Nicoise salad with smoked trout fillet and green asparagus

nicoise1This was a very good dish for lunch. I really enjoyed the smokey flavors of the trout. It’s just not a dish I would have normally thought to make. After having this smoked trout, I’m now curious to go out and find packaged smoked salmon and make a salad with that as well. It was very easy to make and it was the cooking of the potatoes that took the longest time to complete. I enjoyed the flavors.




Ham and broccoli fusilli

fusilli1So far, this has to be my favorite meal of them all thus far. It was delicious and SO easy to make. I have to share this. One of the main components in the sauce is Philadelphia cream cheese! I know! I would have never thought to cook a savory dish with it and create a sauce. There’s not much more to say here. It was DELICIOUS and my favorite meal so far and extremely easy to make. This recipe is definitely being kept in our file.




Penne with sun dried tomatoes and pink and green pepper

penne1Another yummy pasta dish. Last night’s pasta dish is still my favorite though. The sun dried tomatoes were a good touch. I think if I were to make this dish again, I would add some black olives to it.



If you live in Switzerland and would love to give Vidis Kochtüte a try, use SCHARMENT for a coupon code and receive a discount.

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