my week with Vidis Kochtüte


Meatballs with two cabbages.

To learn more about my Tuesday cooking experience and about Vidis Kochtüte, read the original post.


Rosemary chicken with rice and steamed carrots.

chicken1I was really looking forward to this meal as it’s definitely something I would normally eat. I had absolutely no difficulties putting this meal together and I did a much better job about it than Tuesday’s meatball dish. I’m unable to share the recipes with you, as they are not mine to share. I can say, that I did stray off the preparation a bit. I have a rice cooker, so instead of risking the rice over stove top, I popped all the ingredients into the rice cooker. Everything came out perfect. The chicken cooked through, which as an unseasoned cook as I am, was a total win. My carrots came out perfectly cooked as well. I think the only thing I might have done was put a little too much lemon juice into the recipe. I put the allotted amount, but I should have put in less. It was a little too lemony. Other than that, this was a yummy meal I enjoyed eating, twice!




Spaghetti with avocado lemon sauce

wednesday1This meal was very easy to make. It was also a challenge. One of the great things of this program, is that it makes me eat things I don’t normally eat. Avocado is one of those things. I don’t like them and as a Californian I realize that is blasphemy. It is what it is though. I don’t like avocado and I don’t eat guacamole. The only amount of avocado I eat is in my sushi rolls. However, I decided I would give this meal an honest go. It wasn’t bad either. I found it delicious. Unfortunately, something didn’t agree with me. Not sure if it was the avocado or something else, but unfortunately, I had to forego eating the left overs for dinner. It happens. I don’t hold this as a bad reflection on Vidis Kochtüte, something I ate just didn’t agree with me.




Rice noodles with egg

friday1I love noodles, I love egg, and I love an asian inspired dish. This dish had a lot of elements to it including rice noodles, soy sauce, ginger, white cabbage and shiitake mushrooms. It’s the shiitake mushrooms that had me a little concerned. Honestly, I don’t really like mushrooms. I think it’s their “earthy” taste that throws me off. However, with shiitake mushrooms being a main ingredient for this dish, I have come to find out, I actually like shiitake mushrooms. They don’t really have that same earthy taste that I get from say, a white mushroom. All in all a very pleasant dish. It was meant to have some crushed peanuts on top, but I opted not to add them. I haven’t embraced the peanut taste on my asian dishes.




Coconut soup with sweet potatoes

sunday1This is another example of a dish that I wouldn’t normally make at home. I don’t like mushrooms, I don’t eat tomatoes and I’m not a fan of coconut. Let me be a little specific. I don’t normally eat tomatoes, however, I eat plenty of foods made with tomato. I just don’t eat tomatoes on their own. Coconut is kind of the same way. I love foods and sauces made with coconut, but not when coconut is the star ingredient. This soup is delicious! I really love the flavors and it was so simple to make! I can confirm that I still don’t care for white mushrooms. Something about their earthy flavor, does not agree with my taste buds. However, this dish as a whole was fantastic!


So concludes my 5 days of cooking with Vidis Kochtüte. It’s been a lot of fun trying it out and cooking some meals for myself. The recipes were easy to follow even for someone like me who has never really done much cooking in her life. The ingredients remained fresh the entire week. I really liked this service and have already placed my order for another 5 meals next week. If you live in Switzerland and would like to give Vidis Kochtüte a try, I have a coupon code just for you. Type SCHARMENT and receive a discount on your order!

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