D is for Dromedary

DThere are two types of camels in the world. Those with one hump and those with two. Each come from different parts of the world. One is made more for hot temperatures and one is made more for freezing temperatures.

The difficulty was always trying to remember which one was which. Until one day, someone said something that made it stick with me forever.

D is for dromedary camel, because if you turn a D on its side, it has one hump, just like a dromedary camel.


B is for Bactrian camel, because if you turn a B on its side, it has two humps like a bactrian camel.


Dromedary camels hold a special place in my heart as I’ve had the privilege to raise a beautiful individual from the age of 5 months old. She was the most wonderful camel ever. I could be a little biased. She was the best advocate for all camels everywhere, changing peoples’ attitudes about them being nothing more than mean, smelly, and spit filled animals. Tallulah was her name, and she loved people and was a gentle soul that wanted nothing more than your attention and that yummy carrot in your hand.


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9 thoughts on “D is for Dromedary

  1. Thanks you for telling me that about the D and B!!! What a genius way to remember which is which! 😀 Tallulah is so pretty and sounds like she was/is a great camel! Do you still get to work with her? Was she a pet or was she at a zoo?

    • Thanks! I thought it was a handy phrase and it’s stuck with me since! I do not get to work with her anymore. She is waiting for me in heaven. Life took her too soon. She was a “pet”. I use that word loosely, but she belonged to a family who had a private ranch.

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