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VK2I’m on my own all this week. My husband is in the states on a business and family trip. For those of you who don’t know, he is the cook of the household. He’s great at it and he honestly enjoys unwinding from a work day by cooking. It’s not that I can’t cook, it’s that I don’t have enough practice at it. When I saw the approaching week of my alone time, I kind of dreaded it. What was I going to eat? More importantly, I had no desire to pump my body full of ready made meals and their calories.

Here’s where Vidis Kochtüte comes in. VK is really simple. You place an order by Friday at noon, and the following Monday, you get a delivery of fresh food and the recipes to go with it. You don’t have to worry about rushing to the grocery store and you don’t have to plan out your recipes. They do it for you. At the moment you have the option of ordering for a family of 2 or 4. You can also pick a 5 day meal plan, or a three day meal plan. Vegetarian? No problem. They offer that in a 3 day only plan.

Pricing is quite reasonable. It’s comparable to doing a week’s worth of shopping in this country. Besides that, all ingredients are fresh and organic and locally sourced!

VK put a lot of emphasis in making the meals easy to make, even for a beginner like me and they are very customer friendly. The person who delivered my food bag, is the very same person who created the company. I have an opportunity to speak with him when he comes to my front door. It’s really nice to be able to talk to the person behind the company, instead of just some random employee.

I guess I don’t need to add that this company is English friendly? Should be obvious, no? All recipes are written in both German and English and their website offers both languages as well.

VK1Today was day one of trying out Vidis Kochtüte. For lunch, I made menu number one for the week, meatballs and two cabbages. Since these are not my recipes to share, I’ll have to leave that info out of this post. The fun thing about this program is that I not only get to try foods I don’t normally eat, but I also get to cook foods I don’t normally cook. Sure, I eat meatballs, especially in a sandwich or in my pasta, but I’ve never tried to make a full meal out of them, and never with cabbage. Cabbage just isn’t something I eat. I was determined to try something different!

So how easy was it for me to make this meal? Fairly easy since I really am not a cook… AT



ALL. The recipe estimated about 30 min to make, I know I took longer than that simply because I don’t know my way around a kitchen yet. Some simple things take me longer to do because I don’t have enough practice doing them.

For example, step one of this recipe had me pause. “Prepare bouillon.” Wait.. how does one prepare bouillon? Stop laughing.. I’ve never had to “prepare bouillon” before. Plus, my powdered bouillon is in german. Cut me some slack. Few quick searches on google, and I was well on my way. Until I got to the part about removing the thyme leaves from the herb. That took a little time and finesse.

VK4All in all, it was a good experience. I got to make something I’ve never made before. The directions for the recipe were simple to follow and when it was all said and done, everything tasted fantastic. It may not have looked the masterpiece (I ended up cutting my meatballs in half during the cooking process), but it tasted good. I’ve never cooked cabbage before, but considering it wasn’t disgusting when I was finished, I’m going to assume I cooked it just right. Since this was a meal meant for two… guess what I’m having for dinner?

Would I recommend this service to someone? Absolutely. It’s only day one, but so far I’m enjoying the variety to my culinary week. Plus, I’m expanding my own skills. To be quite frank, I’m getting bored with eating in this country. My husband and I end up making the same meals every week and I’m getting tired of it. Vidis Kochtüte offers a way to expand our meals every week and get rid of the boredom.

If you’re a reader in or near Zurich and would like to try Vidis Kochtüte, use coupon code SCHARMENT to save 20CHF!

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8 thoughts on “meet vidis kochtüte

  1. I find this an incredibly interesting concept and actually wonder whether they have something like that in this country too! I used to love cooking, but don’t anymore because here too we end up eating the same stuff over and over again. I might have to start experimenting again 🙂

    Rebel xox

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