beating my obesity – another 6 weeks complete

09Today marked my last day using EA Sports Active More Workouts on my Wii. Last time I wrote about completing a 6 week challenge, it was on the moderate mode. This time, I completed another 6 weeks, but in hard mode. Now that I have completed another 6 week challenge, I am ready to move on to something different!

Tomorrow I will take out my running shoes, make sure the nike+ apps are working properly and restart my couch to 5K podcast.

I’m really proud of myself for completing a 12 week workout plan in my living room. Theeaactive countless times I attempted to do this, I always found an excuse to not put in the effort. Let’s face it, it’s really easy to say screw it and sit on the couch instead. Which I’ve pretty much done all the time. This was my first time completing a full 6 week program and I did it twice!

Now I need to maintain this momentum and complete my couch to 5k program. Last year, I never quite made it to the full 5K. I came very close before I started making excuses for myself and stopped the program. This year, I’m hoping to reach the 5k. I’ll consider it a success if I complete the podcast program.

I don’t know about you, but spring has arrived where I live. The sunshine and cool weather will make putting on those running shoes easier tomorrow morning. The program will have me running 3 times a day and when I do finally reach the 5k mark, on those days I will be putting in a total of 10K. 5k walk with my dog and then 5k running!

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