city of angels

IMG_0386There’s one place I will always call home. Though I grew up in Orange County, I moved to Los Angeles in my early 20s. The City of Angels is my home. It’s hard to explain. There’s just something about LA. Some things you can only understand by living there, others you can catch a glimpse of by visiting. This video by 30 Seconds to Mars is an absolute masterpiece. I urge you to put aside the 10 minutes of your day just to give it a watch and listen.

I can’t watch this video and not have tears appear in my eyes. The part that gets me every time is when the music quiets down and Jared Leto belts out “I am home”. I have visions of stepping out of LAX and playing this song as I walk out into LA. You can’t really explain to someone why a place is held so close to your heart, but it’s all the little things. It’s all the characteristics, the special moments, the things that are only unique to that place. Watching this video will at least give you a closer look into what is “home” for me. Even though I may not have dreams of stardom, I still have dreams. Just like anyone else.

June. June I’ll be able to belt out loud,  “I AM HOME.”

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