FebPhotoFest – clasp

There are some men that can undo these with the greatest of ease, only requiring one hand. Other men, bless their hearts, struggle with two.



*click to enlarge*

Be sure to check out the other participants of #FebPhotoFest! (NSFW links ahead)


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23 thoughts on “FebPhotoFest – clasp

  1. LOL! Usually they are OK.

    But I must confess to struggling with the odd one over time: but the clasps can get a little bent, and sometimes the lady in question is squirming as I tickle, thus increasing the scope of the challenge. This is unfair gamesmanship, but alas, it is played! 😉

  2. lol…had to laugh at some of the comments. You’re right though, some men are better than others. always excites me when he can remove my bra with ease, finesse. oh yeah baby!

  3. My ex was a single hand man who could also undo them if you were wearing clothes on top which he used to think was highly amusing to do in a public place!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  4. *hand up* I can do it with one hand. Well, I think I still can – Silverdrop rarely wears a bra these days, so I’m out of practice. Any volunteers? 😉

  5. Ha! I have even been known to struggle sometimes… recently I hurt my shoulder and the one thing I just could not do was twist my arms back to undo my bra. I felt like a old lady having to ask Hubby to do it for me…which just made him laugh


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