FebPhotoFest – Don’t come a knocking

It’s only day two of getting this challenge under my belt and I am already making so many awesome discoveries. Unlike my 365Project, where I’ve challenged myself to only use my iPhone5 to take photos and not edit a single one, I’m allowing myself to do that here. I am discovering that many things can be made to look more sensual with a click of a few editing buttons. It’s proving to be loads of fun experimenting with photo editing programs and I’m discovering a lot of great features.

You know what they say about a bra on a door knob …. don’t come a knocking! 😉


Click to make big

Be sure to visit the other participants in #FebPhotoFest. (NSFW links ahead)



14 thoughts on “FebPhotoFest – Don’t come a knocking

  1. I think my kids will die a thousand deaths if they see one of my bras hanging on the outside of the door. But then again, I know they won’t come to the door at all 😉

    Nice shot 🙂

    Rebel xox

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