abandoned spaces

IMG_6637I’m very fortunate to have some beautiful places to walk through every morning. I have two different forests I can choose from. I had been walking through a particular forest for several days before noticing something off the beaten path. I couldn’t believe I had managed to miss seeing this on so many walks.

I discovered what looked like an abandoned IMG_6639building. From a distance, I could see that there was light streaming through it. I was curious and at the same time nervous about getting a closer look. (I blame having recently watched American Horror Story Asylum for my nerves). I was hesitant about getting closer, but my dog strutted right on ahead and all the way to the gate. She was taking one for the team as far as I was concerned. If something was hiding inside, my dog would get it first.

IMG_6641Of course I was just being silly and I got right up to the gate. I even attempted to open it, but it was locked. I snapped a photo of the eerie, empty space. I could see that there was maybe another gate on the other side, so I decided to walk around.

The roof was a bit in shambles, so I was able to snap a few more pictures. I actually have no idea exactly what this abandoned space is, but my best guess is, an army bunker of some sort?

As I continued to walk around, and get face punched by a few branches and plants, I made it to the back of the bunker. No door or gate there, but there was a barred window.


It was kind of exciting to take these photos. This abandoned place certainly has an eerie feel to it with its dark and lit spaces. As always, clicking on the photos will make them larger.

This abandoned space was also photographed specifically for my 365 Project, please be sure to visit that blog as well!

© Sylvie Charment


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