new year, new routine

2014It’s been a holiday here for the last 2 weeks, but today marks the start of getting back to the grind. I’ve decided that the new year is the perfect motivation for changing my life. 

Firstly, I need to get back to watching my calories. I have admittedly let my dieting fall through the cracks for quite a few months now. I’ve stopped using MyFitnessPal and as the cold weather has settled in, I’ve stopped running. However, even though I haven’t been making an effort, I still weigh the same today as I did 6 months ago. This pleases me. So I don’t have to start all over again, I can continue from where I last left off. 

To start my routine, I’ve decided I need to set my alarm. So, instead of sleeping till it pleases me in the mornings, it’s time I get my butt out of bed. (Granted, I don’t spend all morning in bed to begin with). This morning, I was awake by 8 and out of bed before 8:30. I had breakfast and then went on a long hike with the dog. Once I got home, I put on the Wii Active and did a 30 min workout. This will be my weekday routine now. Four days out of the week I will be doing a Wii Active workout as well as my usual long hikes with the dog. 

I’m using MyFitnessPal again as well, just to make sure I am earning as many calories as I am spending. Hopefully, it’ll help keep me on track. It has certainly helped in the past. I’m really hoping to make a huge improvement in the way I look by the end of the year. That would be fantastic. Slow and steady is the best way to lose weight. 

Language, I do need to try to learn the language. It will be a huge challenge. I want to learn German because it will help me in all the German speaking countries. It will help me in this country as well, however, the Swiss speak their own version of German that is so different that even native German speakers can’t understand it. Though I will add that the Swiss can speak proper German if you ask them to. Learning German has proven to be challenging thus far. It’s a lot harder to learn a language when you don’t hear it around you. I’m trying though, but I’m still not even at basic conversation level. At the moment, money is tight so I can’t take any classes, however, I am learning about a lot of apps that can help you learn a language. I’m trying one out called Duolingo. It’s a daily program that helps you learn new things as well as focuses on your weaknesses. Guess I’ll find it if it will help. 

Work, it’s time I find work too. It might be a bit challenging because of my language skills. I don’t want to work any job either. I really want to get back to doing what I love and that’s working with animals. It’s been a bit discouraging. I’m thinking I may have to start from a low level and offer my animal care to expats. At least it’s a step in the right direction. I’m thinking of posting my skills on a local expat forum but I may put this on hold for the time being. 

I have some potentially exciting news. My husband decided to ask around at work and it turns out that there is a HUGE connection to the local zoo there. In fact, that connection contacted my husband and now I have to get a CV (resumé) together. This may or may not lead to anything, but it’s nice knowing it might. It also looks like my lack of German is not going to be an issue. This really does confirm though that if you’re an immigrant, it does help to have an “in” when finding a job. 

So that’s it really. I’m using this new year to change my life here. I’m working towards learning the language and hopefully having a better social life. I’m hoping to get some kind of work here with animals, because it would be nice to bring in some money. The money I earn would go towards having fun. I’m hoping to work on losing weight as well. I can’t afford a gym membership, but I don’t think I need one to be able to lose weight. I just have to count my calories and be more active. 

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7 thoughts on “new year, new routine

  1. Woohoo exciting. While reading I wondered why you did not try the zoo (didn’t know if there was one close to you) because I did not think language should be an issue there. It sure isn’t when people want to work at the zoo over here. And there it was, a chance for you to do it after all, which is brilliant!

    It seems both of us have decided that the new year will start a new routine. As of this morning I am up at 6am. Granted, because one week I will start early, the next week a colleague will, but I want to get up at 6am even in the weeks I should not start early. That will get me in a better routine I think. Maybe I will even be able to write some on the mornings that I don’t have to leave early.

    Here’s to making this the year of change. I suspect we will support each other right through it 🙂

    Rebel xox

    • Your country is very English friendly though. At least, that has always been my impression. I guess I shall see if this zoo things turns into anything.

      When I was in California, and working, I used to get up before 5:30 and in the gym before 6 so that I could make it to work by 7. With my kind of work, it was easier for me to get the gym out of the way before it, because after work, all I wanted to do was get home and relax. Today, even though I am not currently working, I still find it easier to get my workout done in the morning. It’s so easy to not get to it in the afternoon.

      You bet we’ll cheer each other on. I’ll be one of your biggest supporters!

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