advent 24

It’s December twenty-fourth and day 24 of expressing what makes me happy during this holiday season. Today, my happiness is, going to the movies!

This post comes late today, because I needed to take the pictures for it. It might seem similar to yesterday’s post, but going to the movies has often been part of my holidays. Most of the time, I am in the states and there is usually a movie I want to see while there. Last year, it was the first Hobbit movie. Back in 2009, I actually didn’t get to spend my first Christmas with my husband, so my mother came over and I remember we went to see Nine (the musical) in the theater.

This year, we went into Zurich to see the second Hobbit movie. The movie going experience is a bit different here, in that it is a lot cooler. I know some theaters have started doing this in the states, but here, when you buy your ticket, you actually pick out your seat at the same time. So there is no need to stand in line for hours before the opening of a movie in order to get a good seat. Unlike the states, you can also drink alcohol at the movies. Another difference is, there is an intermission. At first, I thought this strange, but now I kind of like it. You have a chance to run for a bathroom break or to the concession stand, without missing parts of the movie.

Today we treated ourselves to the best movie watching experience. We got the luxury reclining seats, in our own private section. The price of these seats also includes 4 concession items of your choosing. So there was definitely popcorn and prosseco in my movie watching experience today. Can’t watch a movie without the popcorn!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! This concludes my 2013 Advent Calendar. Hope you’ve enjoyed!

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3 thoughts on “advent 24

  1. Oh wow, your own private seats. That sounds fabulous! I have to see if there’s something like that over here too!

    Nice way of spending your day 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you both.

    Rebel xox

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