advent 18

It’s December eighteenth and day 18 of expressing what makes me happy during this holiday season. Come back everyday for a new photo set. Today, my happiness is, toys!

It’s no secret, I’m a kid at heart and it will most likely keep me young for years to come. I love toys and kids these days have awesome toys. I can’t think about Christmas without thinking about all the toys little boys and girls are wishing they will receive. As a child, Christmas was definitely filled with wishes come true. I usually got very lucky and got what I always wanted, whether it was a doll or a my little pony. It is always fun trying to pick out a new toy for a boy or girl.

By the way, even as an adult, I would love to get this set! (I love Playmobil and actually have a huge collection that I’ve kept for my children, but now that I know I’m not having any … ) Oh and Playmobil has an advent calendar and I had to be such an adult and NOT get one.

IMG_7182 - Version 2

Since, I don’t have proper children to give gifts to, I make do with the children I do have, though I’m thinking, Mattie doesn’t need anymore toys this year. This year, food may very well be love.


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2 thoughts on “advent 18

  1. Toys are so much better than they were when I was a kid. Playmobil & Lego – we have so much in our house now and as a kid I had none. But as a kid I had all the toys I wanted 🙂

    Rebel xox

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