advent 10

It’s December tenth and day 10 of expressing what makes me happy during this holiday season. Come back everyday for a new photo set. Today, my happiness is, wreaths!

I love wreaths. Like stockings, they come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors. Some are fake and some are real. I’ve had both in my home. I’ve had freshly made wreaths put on my front door and I’ve had fake ones. Putting a wreath on the door has been a constant tradition in my home since I was a child. I remember one of our first wreaths. It was small and made of plastic poinsettias and leaves. I remember it having a Merry Christmas sign on it and I think a little Santa Claus. To be honest, it would be considered quite tacky today.

Eventually, the wreaths in our home have been upgraded to much more beautiful examples. Today, I have a wreath hanging amongst my stockings and a wreath on my door. Both have been made by my mother.

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