advent 5

It’s December 5th and the fifth day of this blog’s advent calendar. Come back each day to view a new photo set that expresses my happiness of the holidays. Today, my happiness is Christmas lights.

Don’t Christmas lights just make the evenings lovely? Whether someone is rich or poor, in a huge mansion or in a tiny apartment without a balcony, everyone makes the most in celebrating the holidays and decorating their homes. Even construction cranes here get into the spirit with stars lit up high. Sleighs and reindeers seem to be the most popular decorations, as well as large lit stars for the windows. This year, we’ve gone very simple with a few lights here and there. We’ll slowly add to our christmas lights each year. My neighborhood has done a fine job contributing to the beauty of the holiday season.

A short video of an apartment with dripping icicle lights. I like these!

Lets not forget the amazing lights the bigger cities like Zurich put up for Christmas. As you walk down the populated streets, viewing one stand after the next in the Christmas Markets, you really can’t help but get into the holiday spirit.

As always, click on the photos to make them bigger.

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2 thoughts on “advent 5

  1. It’s the same over here: lights everywhere. One neighborhood has a scenery of lights on the side of the houses which tells a wonderful story to the people that drive by. We might even have some lights this year, just to get into the Christmas spirit too.

    Love the dripping icicle lights.

    Rebel xox

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