advent 4

It’s December fourth and day 4 of expressing what makes me happy during this holiday season. Come back everyday for a new photo/photo set. Today, my happiness is, fire wood!

Well, it’s just not fire wood all on its own, it’s that wonderful smell of burning wood out of the fireplace. Unfortunately, our new home does not have a fireplace, but we do have a fire pit out back. I do miss that about the old apartment. There’s a nice, warm, comforting feeling about getting a fire burning in the fireplace while the ground is covered in snow outside. That soft glow the fire creates as it dances shadows across the walls during the dark evenings. There’s nothing like the warmth the fire fills the room with, or the way it heats the skin when you sit a little too close. What it really comes down to, is just how homely a fire can feel during this time of year.

Remember that clicking on each photo will make it bigger.

© Semi-Charmed Life



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