Advent 1

It’s December 1st and the first day for Advent Calendars, so I thought I’d do a little something special on the blog. Come back each day for a photo/photo set that makes me think about this wonderful time of year.



I start with my advent calendar. I may not be a kid anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to relive some parts of my childhood. As a child in the states back in the 80s, advent calendars weren’t a huge thing. We had a german deli/bakery not far from our home. We went there often to get special items imported from Europe and one of the things that would be imported around the holiday season was the advent calendar. Sometimes my family from Switzerland would send me an advent calendar. So, I grew up with an advent calendar as a child. Christmas to me, included an advent calendar, though admittedly, I never associated myself with the religious meanings of advent. I just didn’t grow up in a religious household and still don’t.

In Switzerland, the advent wreath and candlesΒ are quite common. Advent windows are also very popular. This is where people celebrate advent by decorating their windows. In my small town (village ?), I have received a piece of paper telling me what address I can visit every day to see a new advent window.

So today I celebrate the start of December and my holiday season by opening the first door of my advent calendar and eating that delicious piece of chocolate from my favorite chocolatier.

IMG_6732PS, it was delicious! This is going to be a tasty month!

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9 thoughts on “Advent 1

  1. I love to read about your childhood and growing up with an advent calendar. I only learned what an advent calendar was when I came to Europe. I look forward to see your post tomorrow πŸ™‚

    Rebel xox

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  3. My husband is German, so we do advent big here. A velco advent wall hanging that the kiddos can decorate, chocolate advent calenders and this year we sprang for the Lego City Advent calender. I used to have to shop far and wide for the chocolate advent calenders but this year they were in a few places. It is a fun tradition. I love this series. Such a great idea.

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