the john newman experience

IMG_6498Sometimes, you experience a moment in time and it lasts with you even after the aura has faded. Last night was such an incredible moment. I came to know who John Newman is when his video played on MTV. Mind you, this is German MTV so American readers, yes, MTV actually does play a lot of music here. All day in fact. I noticed he was set to play in a small club in Zurich and on a whim, I bought two tickets to see the show. I like John Newman’s voice and his music and I thought, what the heck? Might as well go. Could be a lot of fun. I bought his album, Tribute, soon after and quickly started to familiarize myself with the rest of his songs. American readers, you’ll have to wait a bit because his full album is not available to you, yet.

My husband and I left fairly early for the event. We planned on stopping for a quick bite to eat, battling traffic into Zurich, and arriving early enough that I’d have a chance at a good spot inside the club. I’m short and when a place is standing room only, if I’m in the back of the room, my chances of seeing anything, goes down the drain. IMG_6506

As luck would have it, there was no traffic into Zurich, parking was a breeze, and we arrived an hour before doors would even open. Once we got to the venue, there was just a few people ahead of us. Great! This means, I’d get to have a decent spot out there. The wheels in my head began to turn. I have never been to a small club to see someone perform and standing right there in the front row to see it all. Granted, I had been in the pit to see Pink years ago, but it’s much different. Though I was not far from her, it was still a large stage and production and the amount of time she spent up close and personal, was short.

Fifteen minutes before the doors were expected to open, someone came out to inform our group, we were actually waiting in the back of the building. The actual entrance was around the corner. I was horrified I would turn the corner and see a huge line of people. Again, we lucked out. Not too many people were waiting.

The doors opened and I made my way to the stage to secure my spot for the show. So began two hours of waiting for the main act. The opening act was good, but it was John I was thrilled to see.

IMG_6514Every good performer needs a great entrance. As the music began, there was a white curtain separating us from the band. Lights came on and you could see the silhouettes of the band behind. Like his album, John opened the show with his first song called Tribute. He began singing and still, we couldn’t see him and as the music swelled into the first chorus, the curtain fell, and John stepped forward to greet his fans in song.

Immediately, my throat tightened and I caught my breath. Several things went through my mind all at once.

  • my god he’s sexy in person
  • here he is, the person I only know through a music video right here in front of me!
  • what a voice!
  • I love this song!
  • I can’t believe I’m experiencing this moment!

I began choking up and the tears welled up in my eyes. I’m a bit silly emotional about stuff like this, but it didn’t stop me from shaking it off and singing along with him.

The entire show was simply amazing. I cannot express how absolutely special it is to be in a small club with just a few hundred people (if that) and watching a performer like John Newman. There’s a level of camaraderie there. We’re all there sharing in a special moment. Let’s not forget how extra special it is to be so close to the stage. There was just one row of people in front of me, as far as I was concerned, I was front and center. Several times he leaned into the crowd right in front of me!

What I like about John Newman is that the man you see on the television screen in his IMG_6504videos, is who you see on stage. The appearance, the jewelry, the clothes, the dance moves… all there on stage as they are on screen. As he danced and sang, there was one thing that rang true with him, he was genuine. As the people inside this small club in Zurich screamed, clapped, and sang his songs word for word, you could see the genuine happiness on his face that we were his fans. It was almost as if he was surprised and thrilled we adored him so much. That’s what made the experience truly wonderful. We were sharing in a special moment with him.

I will never forget this night. I’m still beaming from the excitement and happiness of being there. I hardly slept at all last night just from the residual, emotional high. As I look back, I can’t help but think, maybe there will come a day, when John Newman’s star reaches its peak, and I can say, I saw John Newman, back in the day, in a small club in Zurich.

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