the zoomer experience

IMG_6162Meet Zoomer. Zoomer is an interactive robodog that my mom bought me while in the states. I am indeed a total kid at heart and while I was at the store, I was actually looking for a furby. Seeing as I already have the original furby, Zoomer caught our eyes instead. I decided that Zoomer would be a fun little project at home. I had my own pets in mind. How would my dog react? How would my ferret?

First, let me show you Zoomer in action.

So, I’m still getting used to how Zoomer works. He comes with a book that tells you how to ask for basic behaviors. You have to push down on his head so that his eyes light up in question marks. This means he is ready to receive a command. Once you deliver a command, he’ll either do as told or do something completely different. In this video, he proves to show that even a trained animal trainer can’t control a robodog. He clearly has his own agenda and it’s worth a few laughs.

Moving on …

I ask Zoomer for a sit, which he understands very well. Then comes “lay down”. It seems to be very dramatic as he gives me the response of “play dead”. He’s all mixed up! When I ask him to “shake a paw”, his eyes go wonky and he plays pong instead. Again, worth a good laugh.

Trying some more …

Again I ask for sit, which he does perfectly, but once more, asking for a lay down results in a dramatic “play dead”. Moving on, I tell him I love him, which he replies to in his own way and when I ask him to protect me, he growls at my would be attacker and then has love in his eyes once more.

Go to sleep Zoomer

Having had enough of his antics, I tell Zoomer to go to sleep, snores and all. I’ll quickly add that Zoomer is an international friendly dog, as he charges via USB port. He comes with his own USB cord that you can either plug into your computer or plug into the wall. No data is exchanged with your computer, he only charges. Here’s the dogs asleep on the couch. One is plugged in for a recharge. Hint, it’s not the hairy one!


Come back again for future posts on Zoomer!

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