the puzzle box, part 2

IMG_6130So the introduction to the puzzle box didn’t go swimmingly, how did other attempts go?

Her 2nd attempt:

As you can see, once again, I made the mistake of not reinforcing her when she went to the puzzle.

Her 3rd attempt:

I knew my girl was smart. Too bad I’m not so much. Well, I had a conflict here. She successfully lifts the flap and I don’t praise her immediately. Part of that, was that I was afraid to distract her and take away her successful moment. She was able to lift that flap and I thought was able to get a treat out. I praised her as she was stepping away. I love how her tail wags and she is obviously very happy with her progress. She goes back for a second try and this time uses her paw. This turns the puzzle which startles her a bit, however, her tail continues to wag as she keeps on trying the puzzle. Once again, I fail in praising her. I really should have. She looks to me for guidance and I give her none. Upon inspecting the puzzle, she was also unsuccessful in getting a treat out.

Her 4th attempt:

No surprises here. She completely regresses. Doesn’t even give it a try. So, it looks like I’ll have to change my strategy.

Come back for future updates.

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