beating my obesity – a little update

09For those of you who have been keeping up here, you may have noticed I’ve not been updating this aspect of my life lately. I was in the states for two weeks, sorting out all our ties there. I can officially say that we have a cleaned out storage unit and a lot less stuff. Or I should say, we no longer have a storage unit since we cleaned it out. What we did choose to keep is slowly making it’s way to Switzerland via boat.

I admit to not keeping up religiously with my diet and exercise, though I think I still did pretty good there for the most part. My first week was extremely hot and labor intensive. I even managed to go to the gym every morning and keep up with my podcast runs and other activities. I may not have been eating that well, but I was certainly burning a lot of calories. My second week there, I admit to not being as active, other than finishing up the moving process and going on a 5 mile brisk hike. I have to get back to my podcast runs this week. I drank a lot of wine that second week as we spent a lot more time with friends. Seeing as I am rarely in the states and with friends, I allowed myself the luxury of allowing some happiness, not restricted by a diet. If I end up gaining weight from this trip, so be it, it’s my fault. However, I am getting back on track today and this next week will be full of activity as we prepare for our move on Saturday. I suspect any weight I have gained, will be lost quite easily. Right now, I am choosing not to get on the scale until next Sunday. This way my body and myself have a week to get back on schedule.

So, see you next Sunday for hopefully a positive weigh in and from my new home!

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3 thoughts on “beating my obesity – a little update

  1. It’s good to give your self a break from time to time. Especially as you knew it was for a limited time. You may have put on a couple of pounds but you had fun and that is more than worth while! Any weight you may have gained you’ll knock back off in no time! 🙂

  2. I agree with Doormouse, You do need to break from the diet now & again. It can do you good!! As for the exercise, moving certainly helps with that!!
    I know I have put on lot of weight & it is entirely my fault, but I am hoping to follow your lead & come end of September, when my Husband will be back living with me for good, I will be more active & eat less!,

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