Losing-weight-Getting-startedI don’t like what I see in the mirror. “Beauty is from the inside”, they say, and though this is true, you can’t deny that beauty is a combination of the outside and the inside. Let me make myself very clear, I do not think overweight people can’t be beautiful. I know a lot of overweight people who are absolutely beautiful inside and out. I’m merely saying that I am my own worst critic and knowing this is the heaviest I have ever weighed in my entire life, is hard on me. In my eyes, I am physically ugly. I won’t be satisfied until I lose the now 30+ pounds (that’s 15kg for you EU folk) I have gained since moving here to Switzerland. Not working and living a more sedentary life has destroyed my fitness. I don’t eat any worse than I did in the states. In fact, I eat much better since grocery stores are not lined with aisles of junk food and there aren’t dozens of fast food chains here. I can easily say we went to fast food restaurants 3-4 times a week back in the states, where as here, once a week. I had a very active job working with animals. I was always on my feet and exhausted by the end of the day. Today, I’m not on my feet as much. I’m simply not burning enough calories in the day even if i happen to not ingest much. I think I would have to starve myself if I were to “diet” without exercise.

It’s time for a change though. I’m tired of what I look like. Being asked if I was pregnant by someone while they pointed to my fat belly, was the straw that broke this camel’s back. Today, I used the Wii Fit Plus in order to record my starting weight and calculate my BMI. I am officially obese. I’ve gone past overweight and moved right into obese. I suppose from here, things can only get better, right?

So what am I doing to start a change? First and foremost, I am going to move more. I hopped on the UK NHS site and there are a lot of great tools to help you lose weight. I used to run, but stopped when winter came around and didn’t pick it back up again. There is a podcast on the site that gets you from the couch to running 5k in 9 weeks. There is also a podcast that helps you with strength and flexibility. Not to mention a lot of advice on eating healthy.

I’ve already begun adjusting my eating habits a bit. I’m being very careful with my sweet intake. It wasn’t like I was eating a ton of chocolate while sitting on my ass, but I am resisting eating a lot of sweets and will not be getting dessert when we go out anymore. I’m also making sure that when I snack, it’s on healthier food, not on stuff like chips, cookies, and crackers. I’m also going to have to be careful with my alcohol intake. I enjoy wine and I know it’s very easy to drink your calories. As much as I enjoy that nice feeling after having 2-3 glasses of wine, I’m going to have to limit myself to just one.

In case you were wondering, I have been keeping up on my MeanAbsJune workout. Next week will be the final week and in all honesty, when it comes time to take the “after” photos, I’m not going to see a difference. I still have a fat belly, though I can feel that things are getting stronger.

So… Monday, I am starting a new journey. Time to get back to running.

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9 thoughts on “obese

  1. I am like you, since moving to Scotland I have become more lax in getting exercise. It didn’t help that I found I was suffering SAD through the winter months, as here in Scotland, there is less sunlight than the rest of the UK! I cannot run, due to problems with my knee & have problems with my back too, but hopefully, with my husband leaving the Forces & moving back home with us, I will be out more.
    We are also going to be getting a long awaited dog!! I used to have 2 GSD’s & I am hoping to adopt 1 or 2 in the new year. That will get me out more! I will be following your posts with much interest & hope to follow your example


  2. Not working is so difficult when it comes to weight/healthiness. I’ve even found sticking to diets harder whilst I’ve been unemployed. Without that daily routine and schedule, sticking to other routines is tougher.

    Best of luck with your changes; I will be watching closely and drawing inspiration. And hopefully being back at work in September will help me too. Although I don’t have many issues with the way I look, I would like to be healthier.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. That is an intense diet and one I am not ready for at this point in time. I’m going to focus on the material I have now and should I see no improvements, I’ll look into something like whole30. I guess I can admit to not having the self control that that diet demands. Too much for me right now to give up pretty much… everything.

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