Mean Abs June

So, a friend of mine posted the Mean Abs June workout on Facebook. I’ve decided to take the challenge. If anyone else wants to join me, which I believe a few of my twitter followers have said yes, please do. The more support the better. I have already printed out my workout. I am adjusting so that my workout starts the first of June which is on Saturday this year, not on Friday as the workout sheet shows.



I’ve decided to be extra brave and take some before and after shots. It was extremely difficult not to take pictures in more flattering angles and not suck in my gut. I cringe just looking at these photos, but I thought taking pics would not only help motivate me to complete the workout, but perhaps also help me see the difference at the end of the month. I guess time will tell. I’m really hoping to see a difference at the end of the month, even if it is a small one. I’ll be posting my progress on twitter using the hashtag #MeanAbs.

As for now, here are some before shots, one and two.

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