decisions decisions

So, I’m pretty certain I will be getting a Mini Cooper S. I’m about 75% certain it will be a manual. Even though it is a little bit more “work” when driving, there is something addicting about that stick. Heh.

Now the real question becomes, what will it look like?!? I have pretty much settled on two options. I was originally planning on getting the lightening blue with stripes. But then I looked at one of the special editions, the Bayswater in an eclipse grey metallic. I’m kind of leaning towards the Bayswater edition because it is a limited edition and it has a special look to it. What say you?

Bayswater in eclipse grey

Bayswater in eclipse grey

lightening blue

lightening blue

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8 thoughts on “decisions decisions

      • yay! if we bought a new car today, it’d probably be a mini too… but thankfully, we live in a city with lots of public transportation and don’t need one here. our own old ford focus is sleeping in my parent’s garage most of the year πŸ™‚

        • To be honest, I really don’t *need* one here either. Public transportation is easy and reliable. Having said that though, having a car does make it so much faster to get things done and not have to rely on a bus/train schedule. I think I’ll get out of the house a lot more because of it.

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