We had two house viewings yesterday. We did end up keeping our appointment with the bigot. That appointment went very well, actually. The owner of the house was there as well and he was genuinely engaging in conversation, getting to know the both of us. The house itself was quaint and somewhat secluded. It had a nice sized yard with a gorgeous view. It was somewhat private because of the trees lining the property. The house was small, only one story with a basement/garage. It had this amazing bathroom with high ceilings and windows along the top to allow for natural light. It kind of made you wish the rest of the house was like that.

Our second appointment of the day was one we were really looking forward to, though. It was a group of modern homes built in their own little community. All the homes were built with the intention to buy, but no one was buying. So they are now there to rent or buy. You can also rent to own. For us, renting suits our needs better. Yes, we’ll be here a few years, but we most likely won’t be here permanently, so buying a home doesn’t suit us at this point in time. We could still be moved back to the states in the near future.

Since these homes are very modern, they caught our attention. The kitchens are very spacious with all the appliances being hidden to look like normal cabinets. The cabinets themselves are “smart cabinets” with their shelves able to pull out for easier access. There is an oven as well as a steamer. The stove top functions with inductive heating.

The house itself is fully climate controlled. This means, like at this time of year, my home will have continual fresh air and comfortable climate, while being able to keep the windows closed. Which are themselves sound proof. So this house, in theory, can help with my seasonal allergies. The homes were made to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

They have an interesting layout. The bottom floor has three rooms and a guest bath with shower as well as the laundry room. Then once up the first flight of stairs, there is the door to the patio/yard which is absolutely private and almost completely fenced in. Then you continue up the stairs to a large open area with a small balcony. Here is the kitchen, dining area, and living room. Beyond that is the main bedroom and bath. The bathtub is big and the showers were created to be open with no shower curtains needed. I love the bathroom. The main bedroom is split into two areas, one area is clearly for sleeping and then a smaller separate area can be used for wardrobe.

We fell in love with these sets of houses. So, we are putting in our application and hoping we get the one we like. If all goes well, we should be moved into our new place during the month of August. Seems like a long time away, but that’s how it goes here. Our current apartment is a 3 month notice.

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