continuing the search for home

We’ve been busy busy busy, looking at properties to rent. Friday, Craig got out of work early and we looked at two different rentals, as well as drove around to scope out future viewings.

We decided to look at one apartment. This was a special apartment we decided we wanted to see. It is a newer building built just a few years ago and had a lot of nice things about it. It was also built to be very eco friendly. It had a nice spacious kitchen with all new appliances and it’s own laundry room with washer and dryer. The apartment itself was quite large and had a total of three bedrooms and a large living room. I suppose one of the awesome features it had was central heating. Central heating is not a common thing here in Europe. In the end though, as nice as that apartment definitely was, for the same amount of money, we can rent a whole house. Just makes more sense to take a house over an apartment.

The second property we viewed was a house. It’s barely worth mentioning as we were not interested in it at all. It just wasn’t built very well. Everything seemed to be in a tight space, including the house itself. It was placed in a tight space almost as if someone said, “Hey, we got some open space back here, let’s cram a house in there.”

Saturday had us viewing two houses, both of which we both enjoyed. The house we saw in the morning was one Craig had found and he was really excited about it. The neighborhood was very nice. We were surrounded by duplexes but ours was one of the free standing buildings. The yard was somewhat fenced off completely. One section remained open, but we could easily fence that ourselves if we wanted to. Inside the house was very spacious. The kitchen was not BIG, but certainly had more space than what we currently have. Which, to be honest, is not hard to do. The heating was floor heating, which I like very much and there was also a fireplace with ventilation system to help spread the heat. The second floor had the three bedrooms and main bathroom and then the third floor was just a big open room. Essentially, you could turn that into anything, a home office, a recreation room, an exercise room, a photography studio, etc. Of course this house had a lot of storage space in the basement as well as a laundry room and access to the communal garage.

The house we viewed Saturday afternoon was one I was excited to see and turned out to be a pleasant surprise for Craig. What attracted me to this property was that it was on the river. The lay out of this house was quite nice. A good sized kitchen, which I believe had a tad bit more space than the other house and you could easily create more counter space by placing a small kitchen table in the room. It too, had a nice basement with plenty of storage space and a laundry room, as well as access to a communal garage.

The second floor had the three bedrooms, but I have to say, the wall colors were just awful. I’m really hoping that if we were to take this home, we’d be allowed to change the wall colors of all the bedrooms. The third floor was again a nice big room that gives you many options. The yard of this home was not fenced in and it was an attached duplex.

Now comes the tricky part, which house from today’s viewing would we like more?

House number 1 (the am viewing)

  • 15-20 min commute into work for Craig
  • floor heating for winter
  • fireplace
  • somewhat fenced in yard
  • nice neighborhood
  • lots of open space, forest, agriculture in area
  • free standing duplex
  • big tub
  • like the place as is

House number 2 (the pm viewing)

  • 30-35 min commute into work for Craig
  • 600CHF cheaper than the am house per month
  • radiators and fireplace for heating in winter
  • a somewhat more spacious kitchen, all new appliances
  • on the river
  • train tracks not far away, however no train service at night and on weekends, and low train traffic during the week days.
  • kind of secluded, does require me to have a car, but that was in the plan anyway.
  • not a city at all, no major stores close by.
  • closer to Germany for our weekly Germany shopping trips.
  • puts us farther away from other places we frequent.
  • would need to change the colors of the rooms
  • small tub and would need to change the shower head feature.
  • attached duplex, however couldn’t hear neighbors while there. Also direct neighbor is a dog lover.

It might look like the obvious choice would be house 1, but when you think about what you can do with 7,000CHF you save each year by picking the cheaper place to live, it can persuade you to put up with more less convenient things.

As I was writing this, I lost focus and perused some more rental listings. Turns out a house in a more international area has opened up for rent. Maybe hubby will be interested in viewing that house as well?

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2 thoughts on “continuing the search for home

  1. I can imagine that the more houses you see, the more confusing you get as to which house to choose. But then again, better to see a lot of houses than to regret your choice later on. Good luck on the house hunting!

    Marie xox

    • what I’m running into now, is there are not enough houses for rent to see! We’ve pretty much seen all that are in the area. Based on what we have seen, we are submitting our application for the one we saw in the morning. The one on the river was nice, but it’s very secluded and adds to my husband’s daily commute.

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