searching for home

When my husband, Craig and I moved to Switzerland, we didn’t bother with too much of the materialistic things. We were told that this was a temporary move, that would most likely only last us two years. So, with this information, we haven’t bothered to acquire many things. Especially, useless things. Our home has the bare necessities. Even our apartment was chosen as , “this will be good for two years.”. To be honest, our apartment really isn’t that bad. The forest is my backyard and I’ve enjoyed easily going for walks with my dog in it. Our current apartment is on the roof, so we also have a very nice view. The river is just a short walk away.

Now that things have changed and our two year stay has turned into a, “you can stay here for the rest of your life” sort of deal, it is time to start making this place our home. (Though I’m pretty sure we won’t be living here for the rest of our lives, it is clear we won’t be going anywhere for quite a few years).

First and foremost, we have decided finding a new place to live would be ideal. Particularly, we thought living in a house instead of an apartment would suit us better. We very much enjoy not having to share our walls with a neighbor.

Yesterday, we viewed our first swiss house. It was actually REALLY big. Just when you thought you were finished seeing everything, another new room revealed itself. Downstairs had 1 bedroom, one living room, a large kitchen with dining area, and a guest bathroom. The basement had a general area, laundry room, garage, workshop, and a cellar type area. Let’s not also forget the “bunker” that all swiss buildings have. The upstairs had 3 bedrooms and a small room that would be great as an office, but if we were to rent this place, it would become a large walk in closet. Oh, and of course a full bath with a bath tub and a shower separate. Of course there is also the attic.

Outside was a good sized yard that was fenced in. Which, outside of the US, having a fenced in yard is not very common. As far as I have observed, at least. To be honest, I lived most of my life in Southern California and having a fenced in yard was the normal thing. You wouldn’t have a non fenced yard unless you had ACRES. Of course, once I left the west coast and lived briefly in the east coast, a fenced in yard was not very common. I always found this odd as a Californian.

Outside of the house also revealed yet another shed, mostly for storing wood and yard supplies.

The inside of the house itself was more or less nice. The kitchen was nice and big and had a lot of new things about it. But, there were also a lot of tiny fix-it jobs around the house as well. The outside appearance of the house was not so great. It looked well enough, but it just didn’t look cared for. If we were buying the house, it would most likely be a no go, but since we would be renting, we can keep it on our minds.

For now, we will continue to keep looking. Tomorrow, we have an appointment to view an apartment and Saturday we will be viewing another house (it’s possibly a duplex). Both properties we will be viewing are close to the river. I like that feature.

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3 thoughts on “searching for home

  1. Interesting, it is really VERY rare to find a garden/yard not fenced in here in the UK. We are obsessed with our boundaries but I suspect that is because we are so crowded and land is such a premium commodity.


    • I think that’s most likely what it is. Southern California is well populated and I think it’s a way of creating even more private space. Here, there is so much open space and small communities. More of an openness to get to know your neighbor. Which is odd because the Swiss Germans are without a doubt a very closed people and I would actually think they’d prefer a private yard.

  2. Back in South Africa it was a rarity not to find a place fenced in. Where we lived, we always had fenced in gardens, because we had dogs and they could run around freely.

    I hope you will find a new place soon 🙂

    Marie xox

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